BIVI Launches Site for PED Management

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bivi-shs-15-100-editedBoehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc is proud to announce their launch of SOURCE, a management protocol for vets and producers that will serve as an information resource in their fight against and prevention of the porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) virus. The site is live and can be found at

According to Greg Cline, DVM, technical manager for enteric disease products at BIVI, SOURCE is a six-step systematic approach to PED prevention and control featuring one of the industry’s most complete information resources on PED. It was developed based on the company’s decades of experience and extensive research with other highly infectious swine diseases.

“SOURCE is a logical, science-based approach to PED control and management. This approach and its principles have proven highly effective in helping the industry manage other costly swine diseases,” Cline says.

“We’ve taken proven concepts and the benefits of a holistic approach to analyzing disease goals, risk and management, and added much of what we’ve recently learned about PED, to develop sound, practical management protocols that producers can implement into their specific operations.”

SOURCE is an acronym, with each letter representing one of six steps in the protocol: State desired goals; Obtain current status; Understand current risk factors; Reduce risk factors; Construct solutions; and Execute and monitor solutions.

SOURCE also is a consolidated information resource that utilizes BIVI’s extensive swine technical and diagnostic expertise. The site includes links to additional university and industry sites and an interactive risk analysis and herd management plan. Because the site is an always-evolving information platform, any new PED data and information will be shared as it becomes available. The company has plans to expand SOURCE later this year to include expanded risk analysis and links to additional resources.

I caught up with Dr. Cline over the weekend at BIVI’s Swine Health Seminar. Not only did I learn a great deal about SOURCE, I also learned we are both Southwest Missouri kindred spirits. Listen to my complete interview here: Interview with Dr. Greg Cline, Boehringer Ingelheim

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