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bivi-shs-15-30-editedA look into veterinary training, education and leadership development was another topic discussed at the recent Boehringer Ingelheim Swine Health Seminar held in Orlando, FL. Dr. Jim Lowe, Lowe Consulting, headlined that conversation as he shared insights into making the animal health profession stronger for the future.

“I really need to credit my co-authors on this, Dr. Aldridge and Dr. Ferkins. We think we have to think about learning over a lifetime, not learning over while we are in school or in a given class. How do we create an education continuum? How do we create a different ecosystem to learn in? How do we create different teachers, different classes, different student thinkings so they come together.”

Dr. Lowe said there are three key elements to this methodology moving forward. They are: time, teaching and technology. One example of this is a flip classroom. They actually watch the lecture before they come to class via video and then come to class ready for discussion and do homework with the instructor. Student directive learning is also an important aspect to this learning process. Dr. Lowe added that a goal is to deliver education across a large time and space, drive cost down while keeping it easily available and relevant.

“As a consumer of education, we have to start to demand classes that teach us differently. How do they give us the skills we need, the competencies we need? We need to be able to think, problem solve and lead teams. Not just remember facts and regurgitate them.”

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