Vilsack: Congress has to Fix COOL

Cindy ZimmermanAudio, COOL, usda

vilsack-pressSecretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack came close to losing his cool when a reporter asked him to comment today on the final WTO decision on Country of Origin Labeling (COOL).

“I don’t know how many times you guys can ask this question, to be honest with you I’m getting a little tired of answering it,” said Vilsack, who was asked about the decision during a press conference related to drought assistance.

“As I’ve said on multiple occasions, Congress has got to fix this problem,” said Vilsack. “We have tried several ways to do this and each time WTO has indicated we haven’t quite figured out how to do it right, so Congress is going to have to respond.”

The secretary was apparently so annoyed by the question that he misspoke twice calling it “County” of Origin, rather than Country.

Vilsack response to COOL ruling