Webinar on Salmonella From Roka BioSciences

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Poultry, Salmonella, Webinar

roka bioscienceRoka BioScience is hosting a webinar on June 30 to give a practical semi-quantitative approach to the reduction of salmonella levels in poultry processing. The free event will begin at 2:00pm ET and last about an hour.

The webinar that will provide a step-by-step review of the current state of the Poultry industry, the technology, as well as the practical application that may be utilized to monitor process control, make food safety decisions and contribute towards meeting new performance standards. This new approach can be applied on farm, in slaughter, as well as further processing to facilitate real time decision making regarding Salmonella control.

Speakers include:
– Melody Thompson, MPH, Corporate FSQR Superintendent at Cargill, Inc.
– Erin Dreyling, PhD, Director of Government & Scientific Affairs at Roka Bioscience
– W. Evan Chaney, PhD, Senior Manager of Scientific Affairs at Roka Bioscience.