Farm Trials Prove Effectiveness of FACTREL®

Lizzy SchultzAg Group, Animal Health, Cattle, Reproduction, Veterinary, Zoetis

zoetis The results of three on-farm studies of more than 12,000 cows have shown that FACTREL® Injection (gonadorelin injection) from Zoetis, when used alongside LUTALYSE® Sterile Solution (dinoprost injection), is able to effectively help synchronize estrous cycles and achieve equivalent conception rates as compared with other on-farm fixed-time artificial insemination (AI) protocols in lactating dairy cows.

One of those studies was the dairy industry’s largest fixed-time AI non-inferiority study to date, involving 5,827 cows; it showed no statistical difference when using Factrel in fixed-time AI protocols as compared to competitive GnRH products containing gonadorelin diacetate tetra hydrate.

In a second independent study of 3,938 cows, the conception risk of animals treated with a 2-mL dose of Factrel was not statistically different (P>0.10) to those treated with Cystorelin® (gonadorelin diacetate tetrahydrate) in a fixed-time AI program.

A third independent study of 2,620 cows from 40 Canadian herds also found no difference in first-time conception risk between its two study groups.

“We were involved in a trial to test the efficacy of FACTREL used in a simple timed AI sequence,” said Ken Mitchell, DVM, of Valley Veterinarians based in Tulare, California, “At the end of the trial, as a whole, our reproductive program on this dairy became noticeably more efficient during that period of time.”

Zoetis is now offering FACTREL in a 50-mL vial size, which will allow producers to treat up to 25 cows per bottle, more than most other GnRH products on the market.

With approved use of Zoetis products for fixed-time AI, customers can use LUTALYSE and FACTREL in many of the synchronization protocols recommended by the Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council. The FDA approval of FACTREL and LUTALYSE includes a flexible schedule and the only flexible dose of a GnRH product, allowing producers to develop protocols that fit their dairy’s needs.

To learn more about FACTREL and LUTALYSE as an on-label synchronization program, visit or contact your veterinarian or Zoetis representative.