New Online Quiz Tests Antibiotic Knowledge

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AccountableScience As part of World Antibiotic Awareness Week, The Center for Accountability in Science has developed a new quiz to help educate consumers about antibiotic use in people and animals. The quiz was created following a survey by the World Health Organization (WHO); the results of the survey show that most individuals know very little about antibiotics and how they should be used. The quiz is available to the public, and interested individuals can take it here.

The quiz highlights on the widely-accepted misconception that antibiotic use on farms is the major factor contributing to the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Misuse of antibiotics in human medicine, not antibiotics in farm animals, is overwhelmingly responsible for the increasing prevalence of antibiotic-resistance.

The Center for Accountability in Science’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Joseph Perrone, who has also served as an adviser to the World Health Organization and on the WHO’s diagnostic steering committee, also discussed these issues in a recent op-ed on the problem antibiotic resistance.

“Numerous physician surveys show doctors feel pressured by patients to prescribe antibiotics, even when they’re not needed,” said Perrone. “A report last month from the United Kingdom estimated that British doctors wrote 10 million unnecessary or inappropriate antibiotic prescriptions in 2014.”