Lamb Industry Says "Try It, You'll Love It"

Kelly MarshallAg Group, Lamb, NAFB, Sheep

nafb-15-132-pfligerAmong the many participants of the National Association of Farm Broadcasters conference were members of the American Sheep Industry Association and American Lamb Board.  They took some time to tell AgWired what’s new in the sheep industry.

Burton Pfliger is President American Sheep Industry Association. He gave us a quick overview of some highlights in the sheep industry, including the recently rewritten H-2A sheep herder rule which will be fully implemented in 2018. This new rule, originally formed by the Department of Labor, has been redesigned by members of the industry and Pfliger believes the program will continue to be a positive story for the industry.

He also touched upon TTP and COOL, which you can hear in his interview. Interview with Burton Pfliger, American Sheep Industry Association

nafb-15-128-percivalJim Percival of the American Lamb Board spoke about the checkoff organization partnering with the Ameriacn Sheep Industry to get lamb into the hands of consumers who have never tried the protein. People love it, he says, noting that the meat is very flavorful and lean. And the board is working to make sure that every bite is exactly what the consumer was expecting. With all three of the largest production centers now boasting electronic grading, lamb is more consistent than ever.

To hear more about the efforts of the American Lamb Board listen to the full interview. Interview with Jim Percival, American Lamb Board

nafb-15-129-wortmanMegan Wortman is the executive director of American Lamb Board. She tells us that the board is kicking off their new fiscal year with a strong look at marketing to millennials. The younger generation is know for being adventurous eaters and don’t have a bias against trying lamb. The board has hosted events to teach consumers to cook the meat, with a focus on simply getting them to take a bite, as nearly one third of the population has never even eaten it.

You can listen to her full audio for more updates from the American Lamb Board.Interview with Megan Wortman, American Lamb Board

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