Meet the 2016 Wool Excellence Award Winner

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ASI_logo Charlie Chase, longtime Burlington Industries (BI) Wool Company executive, will be honored this year for his contributions to the wool industry. Chase will be one of two recipients of the Wool Excellence Award at the American Sheep Industry Annual Convention in Scottsdale, Ariz.

The Wool Excellence Award, sponsored by the Wool Roundtable, includes representatives from various segments of the wool trade, including wool research, buying, production, warehousing, processing and fabric manufacturing.

Chase began working for Burlington Industries Wool Company in Clarksville, VA, on Sept. 1, 1972. He had previously worked in the wool trade, coming to BI Wool Company from Mariner & Company in Boston.

Chase served in many capacities within BI Wool Company, including the role of vice president. He also traveled west during the wool buying season each year to visit ranches, attend wool sales in the various states, and visit wool warehouses. He was responsible for preparing the blends for the Clarksville Combing plant as well.

Prior to his retirement in 1994, he also traveled overseas to Australia, South Africa and South America, visiting suppliers and examining wool that was purchased for Burlington. He purchased millions of pounds of wool through the years, examining all of it as it passed through the Clarksville Combing Plant.

Chase and his wife, Billie, live in Wilmington, N.C., enjoying the beach, exercising every day, and continuing their compassion for people as they volunteer with multiple church and civilian organizations.