Novus Focuses on Improving Digestion

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jeffrey-excobar-novus The innovative minds at Novus International are working not only to provide wholesome and high-quality food to production animals, but also to create products that can actively improve the digestive physiology of animals.

“We are focusing heavily on gut health and digestive physiology, and on one hand, we’re trying to understand all the mechanisms that are involved in converting the feed that we provide to animals into nutrients that can be deposited as protein for animals and support their growth and production traits,” said Jeffrey Escobar, Executive Manager for Physiology Research at Novus, during an interview at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE), “And on the other hand we’re trying to understand all the microbiology involved in the gastrointestinal tract of animals that plays a key role not only in the health of the gut, but in the overall health of the animal, as well as the quality of the product that will ultimately be offered to consumers.”

The focus on gut health offers many economic benefits, but the solutions offered by Novus offer more than that; They are in line with the company’s commitment to sustainability, as well as their mission to help agriculture producers feed the world in the most beneficial way possible.

“A healthy animal is going to produce a healthy product that consumers are going to want to eat, but on the other hand, healthy animals produce better, they’re more efficient, they’re easier to manage, and because they’re more efficient they’re also environmentally friendly,” said Escobar. “At Novus International we’re working to improve the digestive physiology process of animals to make them more efficient, so we can more sustainable animal production globally, and so we can help to feed more people around the world.”

Listen to Chuck’s full interview with Jeffrey here:
Interview with Jeffrey Escobar, Novus International

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