The Benefit of Phytase Superdosing

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nasser-odetallah-novus Another topic of conversation at the Novus International booth during the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) was the company’s commitment to the enzyme business. Nasser Odetallah, Executive Manager, Global Technical Services at Novus, sat down with AgWired during the event to discuss the company’s expanding portfolio of enzymes, as well as some ways these new products can benefit customers.

“We’ve recently launched our Cibenza Phytaverse line of phytase enzymes, and we have solid scientific data that supports the benefits of phytase, especially Cibenza Phytaverse,” said Odetallah. “The most recent data shows that when adding a higher dose of phytase, Phytaverse actually works in a very significant manner in releasing phosphorus from the phytate molecule, and you don’t need to go to the higher levels of 3000 or 4000 FDUs per kg, you can use 1000 or 1500 of Phytaverse and you can still get the benefits of superdosing you’d get with similar products on the market.”

Odetallah also explained how Phytaverse is actively creating a greater economic return for a customer when compared to other products.

“Some of the befits of the superdosing goes beyond the phosphorus release of the phytate molecule; It goes more towards the amino acid’s release, as well as energy efficiency in the body, gut health, and all the benefits degrading the phytate molecule delivers,” he said. “This is why superdosing in concept is really important, but its also relative to the product in use. It could be 1000 FDUs with some products, but needs to be 4000 FDUs with others.”

Listen to Chuck’s full interview with Nasser here:
Interview with Nasser Odetallah, Novus International

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