BIVI Abreast of PCV2 Changes

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Porcine circovirus Type 2 (PCV2) was one of the topics discussed during the American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV) that took place in New Orleans. Dr. Brian Payne gave a presentation about his PCV2 cross-production research. This is an important topic to producers, said Payne, because BIVI has been hearing a lot in the industry that there have been changes to the virus including slight mutations of the circo virus.

brian-payne“Our goal was to be sure these new strains are being cross protected with the vaccines. But we also needed to show that just in general, strains are changing in the industry,” Payne explained. “You can be reassured that even with those strains that there is still cross protection with CircoFLEX.”

During his presentation he also discussed how they are using surveillance programs to keep up with the emergence and discovery of new strains. Learn more in Chuck Zimmerman’s interview with Brian: Interview with Dr. Brian Payne, BIVI

eduardo-fanoBIVI’s Eduardo Fano was also at the AASV conference and he is the Technical Manager for the Flex family. He is an expert on the topics microplasma and PCV2. He explained that cross protection means the vaccine is not only able to prevent against the original virus strain, but also all the mutations of the strain.

“PCV2 is a hot topic right now because it’s not just the original virus moving around,” said Fano. “We have PCV2A and PCV2B’s and now we have PCV2D’s.” He added that BIVI is conducting studies not only in their R&D labs but also with universities such as University of Minnesota where they are identifying successful vaccination cases including those animals who have been exposed to other variations of the virus.

You can learn more about this research and PCV2 in Chuck Zimmerman’s interview with Eduardo: Interview with Eduardo Fano, BIVI

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