NFI Launches New Website

Lizzy SchultzAg Group, Company Announcement, Fish, Food, Technology

image003 The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) has announced the launch of, a newly redesigned website with major updates to its functionality and direction. will not host any recipes, and will instead be used as a home for advocacy and industry information. The site offers a dynamic platform that will bring the newest content to visitors, and live streaming social media updates, as well as a guide to trending seafood topics and new video content, will allow the site to focus on what’s important in real time.

The new site offers an important and ever-changing resource in today’s dynamically changing industry. It will help work to promote the latest in seafood science, push back against erroneous reporting, and make the seafood community aware of important policy and regulatory issues.

“The website landscape has changed dramatically in just the past few years,” said NFI’s Communications Manager, Lynsee Fowler. “Visitors want the latest content in one or two clicks. They want video, opinion, images and information all in one place. That’s what the new provides.”

Fowler will host a live Periscope broadcast to introduce the new site on Thursday May 19th, at 2pm EST. Viewers can tune in by following NFI on Periscope via the Twitter handle @NFIMedia.

Recipes and related posts will continue to be published on on NFI’s Pinterest page Eating Seafood and can access all of that content and more, like Facebook and Twitter, via the new site.