AMSA Members To Be Recognized at Conference

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View More: The American Meat Science Association (AMSA) will be presented multiple awards and recognitions to deserving members of the industry next month at the AMSA 69th Reciprocal Meat Conference on Tuesday, June 21, 2016 in San Angelo, TX.

Dr. Lawrence Yates will be the recipient of the 2016 American Meat Science Association (AMSA) Special Recognition Award for his service to the industry and collaborative efforts in government working with industry and academia. His dedication to all segments of the industry has been exceptional, as have his contributions to research and innovations.

Throughout his career, Dr. Yates has worked as a faculty member in the Department of Animal Science at both the University of Washington and Oklahoma State University, served as the Executive Director of the Nebraska Beef Council’s check-off program, and served as Vice President of Quality Control and Compliance at Red Oak Farms, Inc. He then joined the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), where he has served with distinction up to the present.

“Dr. Yates has worn many hats in the industry, university, beef council, industry and government, and he has truly made a difference in all areas that have affected virtually every aspect of the beef industry,” stated Glen Dolezal, AVP, Communication & Technology Development, Cargill.

Three young AMSA members, Bridget Wasser, Betsy Booren, and Steve Larsen, will also be recognized at the conference with the Distinguished Achievement Award, designed to recognize and foster the development of young AMSA members who have demonstrated significant scientific achievements in muscle foods research and technology and whose work has significantly contributed to the animal products industry.

Bridget Wasser is the Executive Director, Meat Science and Technology for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA). She started with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association in 2005, and her work has helped to ensure that many of the industry’s new beef value cuts are as widely accessible in the nation’s retail stores and restaurants as they are today.

Dr. Betsy Booren is the Vice President, Scientific Affairs, of the North American Meat Institute (NAMI), where she represents and provides informed analysis for the majority of the U.S. beef, pork, lamb, veal and poultry packers and processors on a variety of issues. She also assists the management of the NAMI Foundation Research Advisory Committee in the development of industry research priorities on food safety, diet and health, managing committee review and prioritization, and she currently sits on the USDA’s National Advisory Committee on Meat and Poultry Inspection.

Dr. Steve Larsen is the Vice President of Science and Technology at the National Pork Board, where he provides oversight to the organization’s Pork Safety Quality and Human Nutrition Committee. He is responsible for delivering vital and relevant information to producers, veterinarians and consumers, allowing him to represent more than 70,000 pork producers at various industry, government and academic engagements. He frequently educates producers on biosecurity, withdrawal times, and research pertaining to market safe and nutritious pork.