Animal Agriculture Education – It Works

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Alltech, Animal Health, Animal Welfare, Audio, Disease, Education, Pig, Swine

one-alltech-16-440-editedThe control, prevention and eradication of diseases like salmonella, PRRS, E. coli and camppylobacter are all key factors to profitable production. Lance Barton, director of wean to finish and genetic services, Belstra Milling Co. spoke to attendees during a special session at ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference sharing his work with Fair Oaks Farms and how their Pig Adventure focuses on education, training and openness to new ideas.

“We are hoping to be ambassadors the the 99% of the population that don’t know about animal agriculture. We want to show them the evolution of the industry. We want to show how it is good for the animal and for people.”

Lance said of the people who visit Fair Oaks Farms, 98% walk away with positive impressions. The farm focuses on transparency and Lance can’t think of any topic relating to pigs that isn’t discussed with visitors. The topic of farrowing crates creates open dialogue and the public walks aways understanding their purpose.

Agriculture education is important because it works. Research proves that Fair Oaks Farms is impacting people and they are walking away with a better understanding of the entire production process. The farm implements the highest animal welfare standards and truly practices what they preach.

Listen to my complete interview with Lance to learn more about the operation and their plans for the future. Interview with Lance Barton, Belsta Milling Co.

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