Novus Unveils Project Horizon At #WPX16

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wpx-16-106-edited As part of their ongoing commitment to bringing customers innovative solutions to the challenges facing the industry, Novus International used the 2016 World Pork Expo as an opportunity to debut Project Horizon, which aims to help producers navigate through the transition to antibiotic-free production.

“We’ve had in-house expertise in terms of gut health and nutrition throughout the 25 years that Novus has existed as a company, so we thought it was time to finally dedicate substantial resources and time to this project in order to help our customers in their transition to antibiotic free meat production,” said Jared Hux, senior manager, North America Marketing with Novus in an interview during the Expo.

The project’s objective is to create a comprehensive portfolio of resources and products for producers to manage herd health through nutrition, and also intends to help address any heightened health and performance concerns due to the reduction or complete removal of antibiotics.

“We know a lot about organic trace minerals, we know the difference between organic and inorganic trace minerals, and with that science-based knowledge we’re able to deliver a solution set that is very specific and offers a very unique return on investment compared to other products on the market that don’t have that level of expertise,” said Hux.

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Interview with Jared Hux, Novus International

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