Agro BioSciences Expands Probiotic Strain Portfolio

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Animal Health, Nutrition, Poultry, Probiotics

agrobiosciencesAgro BioSciences, Inc. have expanded their proprietary microbial portfolio, with the addition of two new Bacillus subtilis strains. These strains as beneficial probiotics due to their unique properties to work in poultry production systems and add to the “Microbial Terroir” program.

“Research shows that ‘on farm’ challenges shift over time. It’s important that our research is constantly searching the terroir to identify new strains to combat emerging challenges and improve efficiencies,” said President Tom Rehberger.

“Multiple market discontinuities continue to drive US poultry production and have fueled a surge for sustainable and non-medicated feed additives. Our Microbial Terroir program is designed to meet those changing needs,” said Vice President of Poultry Sales Chris Kromm.