New Foundation Empowers Dairy Farmers

Lizzy SchultzAg Group, Dairy, dairy farming, International

f607a4_e18a79c5aebf4063ad095c698b5a80d2mv2_d_2880_1920_s_2 Husband and wife dairy farming duo Donald and Cheri De Jong have launched The De Jong Foundation as an effort to empower dairy farmers by investing in research, education, and programs that inspire innovative dairy farming practices.

The De Jongs serve as the executive leadership and founders for their family farming operations, including Natural Prairie Dairy Farms, Northside Farms and Jersey Gold Dairy. Over the past three decades, through their hard work and focused passion, they have grown a once-small operation into one of America’s top milk producers.

“This is about inspiring innovation,” said Donald De Jong, co-founder of the De Jong Foundation. “We are passionate about empowerment, education, and providing the tools to improve the lives of all dairy farmers.”

The Foundation awarded its first grant to Opportunity International, a non-profit organization that provides small-scale farmers in impoverished nations with loans, financial planning and training.

“Our livelihood has been built upon making the most of our opportunities,” commented Cheri De Jong. “When I reflect on the successful business we have built, our success has really been the result of taking opportunities head on, and turning them into growth. Now, we want to give back and provide those same types of opportunities to others.”