The Farm Whisperer ~ Be Intentional With Your Future

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Animal AgCast, Audio, Beef, Education, Farming

The legacy of the family farm or ranch is sacred. However, the preservation of that legacy is something few families like to talk about. During the Young Beef Leaders (YBL) session at the 2017 Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show, Caterpillar, Inc. sponsored a speaker to get the converstation started.

Dave Specht, author of The Farm Whisperer, has a true passion for preserving families and perpetuating farms. This topic hits home for me and as I watched young people in the audience I witnessed heads nodding, insightful questions and raw emotion.

“Be intentional about your future. Young people, ask the tough questions early so you don’t spend your first 10-15 career building years in an operation where you don’t have a future. Senior generation, design your legacy and ask professionals to implement the technical side of the plan. Take control of your future by asking the hard questions, by having courage and moving forward.”

The Farm Whisperer has an app and don’t forget you can follow Dave on Twitter @fmlybusinessman as well. Listen to my latest AnimalAgCast to learn more about planning for your future on the farm here: Animal AgCast - Dave Specht, The Farm Whisperer

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