Aptimmune’s Barricade, A Vaccine Formulation Tech for Pigs

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Founded in 2010 by Dr. Federico Zuckermann, Aptimmune Biologics has meshed together some of the best in class technologies into a product able to deliver revolutionary results to producers. Barricade is the latest in vaccine formulation technology brought to producers exclusively by Aptimmune. Launched as an autogenous product, the intranasal mucosal inactivated vaccine for PRRS, brings together the best concepts in vaccine delivery and methodology people can use.

Aptimmune held a product launch with an audience of swine veterinarians sharing the research and science behind Barricade. There I sat down with Aaron Gilbertie, CEO, Aptimmune, who said “ZMAC cells are the macrophage which is very susceptible to PRRS. We have a patented cell line that allows us to isolate and grow the virus giving us the advantage to be able to deliver to the field a relevant autogenous product.”

Aaron said the process begins with veterinarians submitting the right isolate to partner, Iowa State University for isolation. From there it is sent to the manufacturer where it is grown to high titer and put together with a composition of nanoparticles and adjuvant. Then it’s applied through a multi-dose nasal spray applicator providing easy dose in the field.

Listen to my complete interview with Aaron to hear more about the product presentation and where you can go to learn more: Interview with Aaron Gilbertie, CEO, Aptimmune

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