Mucosal Immunity from Aptimmune – Filling A Gap

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Filling a market void is what Aptimmune Biologics has done with their launch of Barricade. Since 1996 when the first PRRS hit the market there have been great successes. However, the disease continues to evolve and vaccine solutions have not kept up with the challenges the virus has brought to us. Dr. Bob Nordgren, Aix Bio Consulting, said in the United States, we don’t have any federally licensed inactivated vaccines and autogenous vaccines have filled that gap.

Aptimmune has come forward with a combination of unique technology platforms. Dr. Nordgren says, “The ZMAC cell line to grow the virus, the nanoparticles to present the virus to the immune cell and the adjuvant to stimulate the right cascade of immune processes into a product that is administered intranasal.” He says these combined present to the producer the potential to address the concerns of adaptation of field viruses and the shed and spread.

Should results in the field equal what has been found in controlled environments, an opportunity for another tool to provide a barrier for transmission of the virus between infected pigs and help producers increase efficiency of the programs they have in place to establish a PRRS free environment will be found.

Dr. Nordgren also praised the collaborative efforts that were necessary during the development of Aptimmune.

“Through their collaborations with the University of Illinois, where the cell line came from, with Ohio State, where they came up with the nanoparticle concept, and with Neogen, where they ensured they had a reliable tool to administer the vaccine, Aptimmune ensured the development of a safe but very efficacious and well-targeted adjuvant for this product,” he said.

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