Novus Poultry Academy Provides Tools for Success

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Feed, Novus International, Nutrition, Poultry

This May, Novus International, Inc. will host its 2017 Novus Poultry Academy, with a theme of “Broiler Nutrition and Management,” aiming to educate industry professionals on the latest trends, techniques and research in the ever-changing boiler chicken sector. The three-day event will be held in Qingdao, Shandong on May 16-18.

The competition in the Chinese poultry industry is becoming more and more intensive. Large companies are growing their market shares exponentially, and small players are fading away from the market. To survive and succeed, every player must be capable and determined. The Novus Poultry Academy allows customers the opportunity to come together to share insights and best practices for improving their profitability and efficiency to stimulate business success.

“Now more than ever, it is important for companies in the agriculture supply chain to understand each other’s challenges and needs,” said Novus Area General Manager for East Asia Hangchu Tang. “Novus continuously invests in Novus academies, including the Poultry Academy, to provide a platform to engage with customers, key opinion leaders and industry partners to further this discussion. These are important activities for Novus, as they help to calibrate the company’s activities with stakeholder desires.”

“Our partners are facing high production costs, animal welfare topics, meat quality challenges and wide variation in feed ingredient quality,” said François Fraudeau, Novus president and CEO. “They want us to help them become more productive and more profitable, while meeting the social standards of the consumer.”