DSM Introduces VilliMax 70 for Poultry

Cindy ZimmermanAnimal Health, Poultry

To meet the demands of today’s poultry producers’ wanting to improve the intestinal health and productivity of their flocks, DSM introduces VilliMax 70 – a highly concentrated sodium butyrate feed ingredient. VilliMax 70 is specially coated with a high lauric-acid fat and recommended for use in both conventional and ABF broiler and turkey programs, including NAE (No Antibiotics Ever), RWA (Raised Without Antibiotics) and all-vegetable based diets.

Studies show diets supplemented with VilliMax 70 resulted in higher concentrations of butyric acid in the ceca. Sodium butyrate also acts as an energy source for the epithelial cells lining the intestinal tract and plays a significant role in cell-to-cell communications that positively influence immune and digestive processes and improve nutrient absorption.