Zoetis Brings On-Farm Diagnostic Tests to Dairies in China

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pfizerZoetis Inc. announced the introduction of on-farm cattle health screening tests for the dairy industry in China. These tests will enable China’s dairy farmers and veterinarians to rapidly screen cattle on the farm for sub-clinical mastitis and ketosis, two of the leading causes of lost production and poor milk quality in China. Test results will be available within five minutes, providing a quick, convenient tool to rapidly detect early signs of sub-clinical disease and help veterinarians and farmers better monitor and protect the health of dairy cows.

“In China, the incidence of sub-clinical mastitis and ketosis is about 10 to 30 percent with as many as 1.5 million milking cows at risk of these illnesses,” said Qing Wang, general manager, Zoetis in China. “Zoetis is committed to helping dairy farmers and veterinarians improve herd health and operational profit by providing a holistic solution that includes diagnostic testing and early intervention. I expect the new test kits will fill gaps in current technical protocols and benefit Chinese dairy farmers.”

The test kits, which have been used in the United States and Europe for several years, are manufactured by and imported from PortaCheck, Inc. The company, headquartered in Moorestown, New Jersey, USA, develops and markets portable testing devices for the dairy industry. Zoetis completed a supply and distribution partnership agreement in China with PortaCheck, Inc.

Agribusiness, Animal Health, Dairy, dairy farming, International Jamie JohansenZoetis Brings On-Farm Diagnostic Tests to Dairies in China

Advanced Animal Diagnostics New Hire

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Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 10.41.07 AMAdvanced Animal Diagnostics (AAD) has hired Allen Moczygemba as vice president of marketing. Moczygemba will guide the company’s marketing strategies and collaborate on its growth plans.

“Allen is joining us at an opportune time as we expand our QScout® line of on-farm diagnostic tests to livestock producers,” says AAD President and CEO Joy Parr Drach. “Allen will build relationships within the dairy and beef markets, evaluate customer needs and feedback, and create new opportunities for company growth and product evolution.”

Last fall the company unveiled its QScout MLD test for early mastitis detection in dairy cows, establishing an entirely new category of dairy diagnostics. Moczygemba will guide AAD’s growth in the dairy segment and will also oversee the introduction of the QScout BLD test for beef cattle, which will provide a rapid chute-side diagnosis of calf health. The quick triage will allow producers to develop informed interventions for each individual animal, resulting in improved animal health and more efficient use of animal health products.

His career experiences include managing Farm Journal Media’s livestock publications and, most recently, leading strategic efforts as marketing director for Zoetis’ beef segment. He graduated from Southwest Texas State University with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural communications.

Moczygemba has served on a number of industry boards including the National Agri-Marketing Association, Dallas Agri-Food Council, U.S. Canola Board of Directors, Livestock Publications Council and World Dairy Expo. His family continues to operate a commercial cow-calf operation in south Texas.

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Sportsman Channel Unleashes a Full Week of “Aporkalypse 2014”

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Sportsman ChannelWhen Brian “Pigman” Quaca decides to contribute to the eradication of the exploding feral hog population – few experts are better equipped. Beginning Monday, August 4 at 7 p.m. ET, Sportsman Channel returns with a full-week of the award-winning programming stunt – Aporkalypse 2014. The entire week of expanded hog eradication takes a deep dive into the many issues associated with the feral hog epidemic.

“When we came up with this concept, I’m not going to lie – I thought the level of danger was beyond ridiculous,” admitted Quaca. “It wasn’t about the body count…we conquered that fascination in 2012 and 2013. It was about the challenge of trying to show viewers a unique level of shooting difficulty, all while creating a slight level of in-show anxiety. It was crazy…period.”

The endless battle against feral hogs in the United States begins in Texas. According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, there is an estimated 1.5 million feral hogs in Texas. The average litter size is four to six with the capability of producing up to 12 (two litters per year). Feral hogs cause damage in many forms including: the death of livestock and wildlife, indirect destruction of habitat and agriculture commodities, forestry destruction and devastation of crops and fields as a result of the rooting and trampling activity associated with foraging for food. According to USA Today, feral hogs cause an estimated $1.5 billion in damages each year.

Aporkalypse 2014 leads into the anticipated premiere of Pigman: The Series (“Aparalypse”) on Sunday, August 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Here’s a sneak peak:

Ag Group, Hunting Jamie JohansenSportsman Channel Unleashes a Full Week of “Aporkalypse 2014”

Cattlemen Commence to Talk Business at Summer Conference

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Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 9.36.51 AMCattle Industry Summer Conference is right around the corner and for the first time Animal.AgWired will be there to cover all the happenings. The 2014 event will feature meetings of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board, American National CattleWomen, Inc. and the National Cattlemen’s Foundation.

Cattle industry members will meet in both NCBA Policy committees and subcommittees, as well as joint committees and subcommittees to discuss current developments, to work on initiatives developed at convention and to make plans for the upcoming fiscal year.

We want to thank our sponsor, ADM, for making our coverage possible. I will be there in full, so check back later this week to listen to audio interviews and find links to all the photos.

Coverage of the Cattle Industry Summer Conference is sponsored by Coverage of the Cattle Industry Summer Conference is sponsored by ADM
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Supporting Support the Harvest

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Forrest LucasHave you heard of Protect The Harvest? Probably. How about hearing from the founder?

At the Agricultural Media Summit, an annual gathering of ag journalists, I met Forrest Lucas, Lucas Oil (l). We were in the Lucas Oil Stadium here in Indianapolis. Also with him were Steele Shippy, Director of Political Operations for Protect The Harvest (r) and Dave Hageman, Victory Enterprises (c). We sat down for a chat and talked about the need for an organization like Protect The Harvest and the work they do. Forrest is very passionate about this subject and has put his money where his belief is. He invites other agribusinesses to join in and support the cause!

You can listen to my interview with them here: Interview with Forrest Lucas

Ag Media Summit Photo Album

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Feeding for 30® Forum Focus on Sow Longevity

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purina-30Sow longevity was the focus of the Feeding for 30® Forum at the recent World Pork Expo. This third annual forum was hosted by Purina Animal Nutrition, DSM Nutritional Products and Zinpro Corporation.

During the forum, producers and industry representatives discussed the importance of a balanced herd parity structure, gilt development, nutrition and feeding, and management for achieving greater sow longevity and 30 pigs per sow per year (psy).

“Most of our genetics in the U.S. have the potential to produce 30 psy, but yet there’s a small number of producers that are able to achieve that level,” said Dan Moran, director of marketing-swine for Purina Animal Nutrition and emcee of the Feeding for 30® Forum. “We have the genetic potential; what’s holding us back is nutritional attention and animal husbandry. That’s really what our forum and information are about: creating discussion and providing additional information to take advantage of that genetic potential.”

Each year, the Feeding for 30® partners share research and facilitate discussion with producers on a topic that relates to sow productivity. This year’s focus was sow longevity – a production component that Moran says is essential in achieving 30 psy.

“Most industry would say it’s not until after the third parity that you start receiving a return on your investment,” he said. “To achieve that profitability in the third, fourth, fifth parity and beyond, it’s going to take extra nutritional management.”

At the forum, the Feeding for 30® panel of industry members and producers first shared industry research and experiences on sow longevity. The forum was then opened to questions from the audience. The panel was comprised of three industry representatives involved with sow nutrition and management and one producer nearing 30 psy.
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Can Farming Become More Techie?

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New Holland ZimmPollOur latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “What are your thoughts on cellulosic ethanol?”

As the possibility of cellulosic ethanol grows it looks like popularity will as well. We may be far from buying it at the pump, but people still seem to be excited about the technological innovation.

Here are the poll results:

  • Innovation making it happen – 43.2%
  • Very important renewable fuel – 21.6%
  • Still years away from commercial market – 27%
  • Will never work – 2.7%
  • What the heck is it? – 5.4%

Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, How can technology make farming even better?

We’ve been covering lots of precision farming conferences this summer, from the recent Precision Aerial Ag Show in Illinois, to this week’s International Conference on Precision Ag in California, to next week’s InfoAg Expo in St. Louis. Sometimes it seems like farming can’t get any more technological – but can it? What would you like to see on the farm that has yet to become commercially available?

ZimmPoll Jamie JohansenCan Farming Become More Techie?

Pork President-Elect Arrested in DC

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wpx14-nppc-prez-electThe president-elected of the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) was arrested on Wednesday in Washington D.C. going through security at one of the U.S. Capitol buildings with a 9-mm Ruger handgun in his bag.

Ron Prestage, a veterinarian and part of family-owned Prestage Farms of South Carolina, was charged with carrying a pistol without a license. Reports indicate Prestage has a concealed carry permit in South Carolina but the charge carries up to five years in prison in the District of Columbia. He is scheduled to appear before a judge this morning.

NPPC officials have issued no comment except to say Prestage was not on “official” organization business at the capitol Wednesday. However, a National Hot Dog day lunch was held for Congress Wednesday, sponsored by the American Meat Institute, which is closely affiliated with NPPC. Prestage was wearing a name tag to indicate he was there with some group, but he has also held leadership positions and is involved in a number of organizations, including the National Turkey Federation, U.S. Poultry and Egg Association, and the American Association of Swine Veterinarians.

Government, NPPC, Pork Cindy ZimmermanPork President-Elect Arrested in DC

James Herring to Receive National Golden Spur Award

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IMG_2593 - editJames E. Herring, of Amarillo, Texas, has been selected to receive the prestigious National Golden Spur Award for 2014. Herring will receive the award on September 20, 2014 at the National Ranching Heritage Center on the Texas Tech University campus.

Bestowed to an individual who has provided outstanding contributions to the nation’s ranching and livestock industry, the National Golden Spur Award has become an iconic national honor. Herring is the 37th recipient and joins the ranks of men and women whose work and accomplishments have earned the highest respect of their peers. The accolade is a joint recognition of some of the industry’s leading organizations: American Quarter Horse Association; National Cattlemen’s Foundation; Ranching Heritage Association; Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association; Texas Cattle Feeders Association; and Texas Farm Bureau.

Herring’s lifelong work has created tremendous benefits and opportunities for ranchers and beef producers throughout the United States. As chairman and CEO of Friona Industries, Herring led an innovative approach to coordinate efforts of ranchers, cattle feeders, beef processors and retailers to enhance quality and consistency of beef. Herring’s work made great strides in raising the competitive position of beef in a highly competitive environment for consumer preferences. Fortunately, consumers and cattle producers benefit because of the ingenuity and drive of Herring’s leadership.

“I am honored to know and have worked with James for many years,” said Ross Wilson, president and CEO of Texas Cattle Feeders Association. “He is a visionary businessman with an uncanny ability to foresee and capitalize on opportunities in the beef industry, many of which have not been easy to achieve. At the same time, he gives back to the beef industry and community interests through countless hours of volunteer service. James loves and appreciates the tradition of the cattle industry while recognizing that we must continue to improve the way we produce and market beef to satisfy the ever increasing demands of U.S. and foreign customers. He is most deserving of this prestigious award.”

The National Golden Spur Award reception, dinner and ceremony, hosted by the National Ranching Heritage Center, will begin at 6:00 p.m., September 20 in the center’s main gallery located at 3121 Fourth Street in Lubbock, Texas. Reserved tables for eight are $1,250 and individual tickets are $100.

Agribusiness, award, Beef, Cattle Jamie JohansenJames Herring to Receive National Golden Spur Award

Florida Grad Student Receives NMPF Dairy Research Award

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Ribeiro_ES (4)Eduardo de Souza Ribeiro, a doctoral student in animal sciences at the University of Florida, received the National Milk Producers Federation Richard M. Hoyt Award for dairy-related research.

Ribeiro was recognized during the awards ceremony at the annual meeting of the American Dairy Science Association in Kansas City. NMPF Vice President for Dairy Foods and Nutrition Beth Briczinski made the scholarship presentation.

A native of São Joaquim, Brazil, Ribeiro has done extensive research in reproductive physiology and management of dairy cows. He earned a master’s degree from the University of Florida in 2011 and is currently in the animal molecular and cellular biology program there. His research has resulted in 24 publications, of which he was the lead author on eight.

Briczinski called Ribeiro an exemplary student who has already made significant contributions to the U.S. dairy industry. “In light of his ongoing work to advance dairy science, Eduardo richly deserves this award,” she said.

The Richard M. Hoyt Award is a joint project of NMPF and ADSA, with NMPF providing the scholarship money. The award recognizes research efforts with direct application to problems in the dairy industry. The winner must be enrolled in or have completed a program leading to an advance degree in dairy science, dairy production, diary processing or a similar curriculum.

Agribusiness, award, National Milk Jamie JohansenFlorida Grad Student Receives NMPF Dairy Research Award