Art Exhibit Showcases Cargill Dairy Dreams

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wde-15-hushon The Cargill booth at the 2015 World Dairy Expo featured an especially unique 3D art exhibit: studio and street artist Casey Kasparek created a different dairy-themed image in the exhibit space each day, working by hand, and using silage as the medium.

The silage art demonstrations were held as part of the company’s new Dairy Dreams campaign, which has created a platform for customers within the dairy industry to tell the story of their experience with Cargill, and how it has affected their lives.

dairydreams “What we were continually hearing from customers is that consultants are able to help them see things that weren’t there before,” said dairy marketing communications lead Josh Hushon during an interview at the event, “Cargill has helped them visualize their dreams and bring them to life.”

The campaign showcases the variety and diversity in the kinds of operations that Cargill services, as well as the different goals each producer has for their operation. Whether that goal is focused on meeting certain levels of production, or on simplifying their lives to make more time for family, the campaign highlights the incredible impact Cargill has on the lives of all of these producers.

The campaign is also contributing to the world outside of the dairy industry, by showcasing the dairy industry to an outlet accessible to consumers.

“We hope it helps put a face on what a farmer is,” said Hushon, “We’re hoping these stories can help contribute to awareness on who a dairy producer is, what they care about, what they value, and what’s important to them.”

Listen to my interview with Josh here:Interview with Josh Hushon, Cargill

View and download photos from the event here: 2015 World Dairy Expo Photo Album

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Where Do You Hunt?

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New Holland ZimmPollOur latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “What does sustainability mean to today’s farmers?”

We may not have an easy definition of sustainability, but it is clear most of us agree that it encompasses economics, the environment and social aspects.

Here are the poll results:

  • Economics – 6%
  • Environmental – 11%
  • Social – 0%
  • All of the above – 82%

Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, Where or how do you hunt?

Fall is in the air and for much of rural America it means hunting season. Guns are being cleaned and the camo is coming out. Do you hunt on your own property, with a group, on your own or not at all. Tell us in our latest ZimmPoll.


The CL Ranch in Alberta, CA

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Cheri Copithorne-BarnesI went North young man. As in on the North Tour during the Canadian Farm Writers Federation Annual Meeting. Our fist stop was CL Ranch where we met Cheri Copithorne-Barnes.

This ranch has a fascinating story. It was established in 1887 and they raise 2,000 cows at the main ranch on the edge of Calgary, Alberta. Besides raising cattle the ranch has a western town for filming movies. Think Lonesome Dove tv series, Shanghai Noon and right now the next season on AMC of Hell on Wheels.

Here is our opening presentation by Cheri in which she talks about the ranch and answers questions.

2015 CFWF Annual Conference Photo Album

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Coverage of the Canadian Farm Writers Federation 2015 Conference is sponsored by Case IH
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Focused on Genomics Not Milk

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Rod ChurchillWhen you think of a dairy farm you think milk. Or, as in the case of Rocky Mountain Holsteins, you think genomics.

Rod Churchill is the manager for the business, pictured with his wife during a Canadian Farm Writers Federation tour stop near Calgary, Alberta. Ron describes the business as an “elite breeding genetics farm.” They raise very expensive breeding stock near some of the most expensive homes in the country. They have success using social media, like their Facebook page, to market their embryos and semen.

Ron says that he’d like to attend World Dairy Expo this year but with the strength of the dollar it is just too expensive to bring a group and show cattle.

You can listen to Ron’s presentation here or watch it below: Ron Churchill, Rocky Mountain Holsteins

2015 CFWF Annual Conference Photo Album

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Coverage of the Canadian Farm Writers Federation 2015 Conference is sponsored by Case IH
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Judge Rules to Decrease Wild Horse Population

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USFS A Washington, DC judge took the side of American livestock producers this week with the rejection of unsupported claims from animal rights activists that the United States Forest Service(USFS) Wild Horse Management Plan would threaten the health and well-being of the wild horse population in the Modoc National Forest of Northeastern California.

The management plan seeks to reduce the population of the forest’s Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Territory, which is currently estimated to be 400 to 700 percent overpopulated, by reducing the number of horses to the Appropriate Management Level (AML) in the area and correcting any boundaries of the territory that currently house private property or other inappropriate USFS land. The size of the territory would decrease by approximately 40 square miles.

The plan was vehemently opposed by several animal rights groups, including the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign and the Return to Freedom Horse Sanctuary, who argued that the solution lies in modifying the area’s livestock management plans.

Livestock producers and USFS have argued that reducing the herd populations falls in line with the requirement described in the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 that the agency provide a “thriving natural ecological balance.”

“Overpopulation of wild horses threatens not only the health of the range, but the livelihood of those that do properly manage the natural resources,” said Dustin Van Liew, Public Lands Council executive director. “The Judge saw directly through shortsighted arguments in the case and recognized the critical need to properly manage the exploding population of these horses and to take care of the land.”

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Sausage is in the Air

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nhdsc-logo-newest-darkIt’s tailgating season, and with fall in the air what’s not to love about sausages cooking on the grill.   In fact, the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC) says Americans love sausage so much they’ll eat 14 billion servings of it this year with peak consumption being autumn.  Thus October has been declared National Sausage Month.

As part of the celebration the NHDSC wants to highlight great recipes featuring sausage.  They invite fans to submit their recipes in hopes of winning a sausage shopping spree and a new sausage cooking pan.

“Whether people enjoy their sausage linked, loose or pattied or made with beef, pork, lamb, chicken or turkey, sausages are so versatile that they can be used in a wide variety of dishes, said NHDSCPresident and ‘Queen of Wien’ Janet Riley. “Beyond our own recipes, we love sharing the creative ideas of sausage fans to increase sausage enjoyment for all.”

Sausage fans can submit their favorite, most creative recipe that can be made in under 20 minutes by October 16 for a chance to win. The best recipe as judged by NHDSC staff will win a $100 gift card for their favorite sausages plus a Sausage Pan, designed with deep curves specifically to cook sausages. The first runner up will receive a $50 gift card for their favorite sausages plus a Sausage Pan. The top three choices all receive official National Hot Dog and Sausage Council t-shirts and bumper stickers and have their recipes featured on the NHDSC All-Recipes page. contains more than 100 recipes and extensive resources on sausage, like a glossary, cooking tips, and a beer and sausage pairing guide.  You can also get fun information from their Facebook page.

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Alice in Dairyland Engages Youth in Agriculture

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wde-15-leother In an effort to educate audiences across Wisconsin about the importance and global impact of agriculture, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection(DATCP) has created a secret weapon: they call her Alice, and the role she holds as an agricultural industry professional is making an incredible impact on Wisconsin youth.

Alice in Dairyland is a one year, full time position with Wisconsin DATCP. Each year’s titleholder serves as an ambassador for Wisconsin agriculture, traveling over 40,000 miles throughout the state and reaching out to different audiences through educational presentations, classroom appearances, and media campaigns that provide consumers with engaging dialogue on the impact of Wisconsin’s $88 billion agriculture industry.

2016 marks the 68th year that Alice has reached out a hand to bring agriculture into the lives of Wisconsin’s consumers, and this year’s title belongs to Teyanna Loether.

Loether grew up on a dairy farm in Sauk City, Wisconsin that later transitioned to a hog and beef operation, and also grows both row crops and vineyards for local wineries. She pursued higher education in the acclaimed College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and in 2015 she received a Masters degree in Animal Science. Her childhood exposure to so many types of production is reflected in her passion for the diversity of Wisconsin agriculture.

“The diversity of the industry is something I certainly take with me into the position,” she said in an interview at the 2015 World Dairy Expo, “Wisconsin ranks first in the nation for the production of cheese, but we also rank number one in the nation for the production of cranberries, ginseng, snap beans, and milk goats; Wisconsin agriculture is incredibly diverse.”

Her presence at this year’s World Dairy Expo is widespread, but a large portion of her time will be spent with fourth graders from across the state, giving engaging educational presentations on the health benefits of milk and its nine essential nutrients. Her focus is truly centered on impacting Wisconsin youth, keeping them interested and involved in food production, and the importance of delivering the message of agriculture to them.

“The interesting thing about the population today is that people are becoming farther and farther removed from farming operations,” she said, “It’s become increasingly important to deliver the message of where our food comes from and how consumers can benefit from the nutrients and health behind it every day.”

Listen to my interview with Teyanna here:Interview with Teyanna Loether, 68th Alice in Dairyland

View and download photos from the event here: 2015 World Dairy Expo Photo Album

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Coverage of World Dairy Expo is sponsored by New Holland
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Energy-Sparing Enzyme Featured at Symposium

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ESPN 2015With the contrasting need for feeding a global population and the increasing regulations on antibiotic use, the European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition  featured studies on an “energy-sparing” feed enzyme.  The 20th annual symposium, held last month, recognized Elanco Animal Health’s Hemicell, an enzyme that reduces Feed Induced Immune Response (FIIR).

“Elanco recognizes feed enzymes are vital to the world’s food supply chain and is investing in several segments, including poultry, swine, beef cattle and aquaculture – all of which benefit from better feed-conversion efficiency,” says Patrice LaFargue, D.V.M., Senior Director-Global Enzyme Business at Elanco. “Hemicell is the catalyst for advancing what enzymes can offer producers, consumers and everyone in between.”

You can find the studies from the European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition website.

“Advancing existing technology and creating new innovative production practices is the pathway to achieving future food security,” says Marco Antonio Martinez-Cummer, Ph.D., Global Poultry Nutrition Adviser at Elanco. “Many tools, like Hemicell, are already available, safe and proven to help operations fully utilize available nutrients to support animal health.”

While standard energy-releasing enzymes release nutrients in feed, Hemicell helps conserve, or spare, the nutrients that are otherwise unnecessarily wasted.

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Swine Health Information Center Launches Website

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home-logo-2For swine producers finding the latest information on diseases in the U.S. just got a little easier.  The Swine Health Information Center (SHIC) has created a website to make getting information about emerging issues that threaten swine herds.

The site,, will help veterinarians, pork producers, researchers and others with an interest in the health of pigs stay abreast of developments in monitoring and managing diseases, said Dr. Paul Sundberg, executive director of SHIC. In addition to providing the latest news, the site will have detailed information about specific emerging diseases and will be where SHIC posts calls for proposals on specific research topics, Sundberg said.

The Swine Health Information Center is an independent, non-profit dedicated to disease preparedness.  Visit their new website for more information.

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Animal Ag Bites

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  • Will Hoenike has joined United Dairymen of Idaho as a consumer confidence manager. In addition to promoting the state’s dairy industry through events and publicity, Hoenike will manage the organization’s website and social media presence. In other Idaho dairy news: Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has appointed Kim Korn to serve a three-year term on the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board, and Dan Gilbert was elected to the United Dairy Industry Association’s board of directors.
  • Dustin Baker has been hired as manager of production issues for the National Pork Producers Council, covering the farm bill and marketing and pork economics. He is in NPPC’s Washington, D.C., office, reporting to Nick Giordano, NPPC’s vice president and counsel for global government affairs.
  • Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) and eight local dairy farm families celebrated the one-year anniversary of Craigs Station Creamery, a unique milk plant located in Livingston County, New York. The creamery is a first-of-its-kind facility, which combines the resources from DFA, along with sustainable and environmentally friendly technology and the traditional goodness of family farming.
  • CRV announced that Suzanne Carlson has joined the US-based product and sales team as Marketing Communications Manager. She is responsible for developing and generating US-based sales leads, and will work with all levels of the organization to develop marketing communications strategies.
  • SCR Dairy has announced that Steven Pavelski will serve as their Field Training and Customer Support Manager. Steve will work directly with SCR’s U.S. dairy customers and members of their management team to maximize the benefits of SCR’s rumination and activity monitoring.
  • The National Mastitis Council (NMC) will host its 55th Annual Meeting, Jan. 31-Feb. 2, 2016 at the Renaissance Hotel in Glendale, Arizona.
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