National Geographic Editor to Speak at Animal Ag Summit

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Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 8.46.55 AMDennis Dimick, executive editor at National Geographic magazine, will address attendees at the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s annual Stakeholders Summit, to be held May 6-7, 2015 in Kansas City, MO. Early registration is now available for the 2015 edition of the Alliance’s showcase event, themed “The Journey to Extraordinary.”

Dimick, who grew up on a hay and sheep farm in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, led the production of National Geographic’s 2014 Future of Food series. The series, produced over eight months, was a multimedia journey exploring how to feed a growing and hungry planet. Within the Future of Food, National Geographic tackled topics including hunger, the use of biotechnology, large-scale production methods and sustainability.

In addition to the Future of Food series, Dimick also guided the creation of other major projects for National Geographic, including “7 Billion”, a 2011 series on global population, and “Global Warming: Bulletins from a Warmer World”, a 2004 project on climate change. Dimick holds degrees in agriculture and agricultural journalism from Oregon State University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“The Future of Food series fits perfectly into this year’s Summit theme, The Journey to Extraordinary,” said Kay Johnson Smith, Alliance president and CEO. “Consumers are increasingly engaged in learning more about food production, as evidenced by National Geographic’s dedication to exploring the topic. Many of the topics covered in the series, such as sustainability and emerging technologies, will also be areas of focus at the Summit. We are very confident this spotlight on the Future of Food series will be both insightful and engaging for attendees.”

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Casto Joins Udder Tech as Business Manager

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Dana CastoUdder Tech Inc., announces the hiring of Dana (Mohn) Casto as the business manager. Casto will be helping with daily operations as well as assisting in decisions for production, logistics and sales.

Casto joins the team at Udder Tech Inc. after spending more than three years working as a territory sales representative for Mycogen Seeds, where she gained experience in sales, marketing and agronomy. Her responsibilities included managing local dealers, sales forecasting, direct sales and problem solving. Prior to this, Casto worked for Udder Tech in the office and at trade shows and was involved from an early age on the family’s dairy farm.

“We are excited to have our daughter Dana join our team,” says Cheryl Mohn, president of Udder Tech Inc. “She brings hands-on experience in the dairy industry, strong organizational and problem-solving skills, and experience with distribution chains and supply management to the team.”

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Casto earned a Bachelor of Science degree in both Agriculture and Applied Economics and Dairy Science. While on campus Casto was actively involved in the Badger Dairy Club, the Association of Women in Agriculture and National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA). Casto was very involved in 4-H and showing cattle and continues to be involved helping coach the local 4-H dairy judging team.

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Attend Brahman Event of the Year

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abbaThe American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) would like to the 2015 International Brahman Activities during the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo on March 2-7.

The week will consist of the ABBA Annual Membership Meeting, International Brahman Sale, ABBA Meet & Greet and two days of cattle shows. This will be the Brahman Event of the Year and one that you will not want to miss.

The International Brahman Sale is set to take place on March 4, 2015 at 6:30 in the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Sale Pavilion. This year’s sale is undoubtedly one of the most exciting due to the quality animals that have been consigned. The offering will consist of Open Heifers, Bred Heifers, Flush Opportunities, a Pick of a Calf from a Flush and an embryo package. In addition, there will be a Reverse Sorted IVF Procedure donated by Trans Ova Genetics and a South African Safari. The ABBA Research & Breed Improvement Committee will again host the International Semen Sale where ten elite lots of semen will be auctioned off to support their many programs.

Headlining the 2015 International Brahman Sale is the AJBA Foundation Female, Moreno Ms. Lady Joleen 742 donated by Moreno Ranches of Venus, Florida. All of the proceeds will benefit the programs of the American Junior Brahman Association.

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February 2015 Dairy Market Report

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dairy market reportThe National Milk Producers Federation and Dairy Management Inc. have just released their February 2015 Dairy Market Report.

The dairy industry is moving further into the price correction that will define the first half of 2015. Chicago Mercantile Exchange futures markets indicate that U.S. average milk prices will hit the year’s lowest levels in March and April, while milk-price-overfeed cost margins will bottom out in April and May. Conflicting signals are coming from both the domestic and international dairy markets as to how low these respective bottoms will be. But some signs, including the still-moderate domestic stock situation for butter and cheese, a temperate outlook for U.S. milk production growth and the futures themselves, indicate the correction may not be as severe as it appeared a few months earlier.

Find the complete report here.

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NCBA’s Beltway Beef Newsletter

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ncba-200In this week’s National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Beltway Beef Newsletter, they urge producers to take action and comment on the 2015 Dietary Guidelines that were just released.

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee’s report was released last week, and contained many conflicting and misleading recommendations.

For example: the Committee has endorsed the Mediterranean style diet, which has higher red meat levels than currently consumed in the U.S., yet they have left lean meat out of what they consider to be a healthy dietary pattern.

It is important for you to stay engaged and urge the Secretaries to carefully review the comments received during the comment period, review the strength of the scientific evidence the Committee used for its report, and ensure the 2015 Dietary Guidelines are not misleading, contradictory or confusing for Americans.

They also share comments from the U.S. Forest Service temporary halt on the controversial groundwater directive.

Chief Tom Tidwell of the U.S. Forest Service appeared before the Senate Energy and Natural Resource Committee in a hearing to discuss the Forest Service’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2016. During the hearing Tidwell said the Forest Service has temporarily halted the controversial groundwater directive.

“We’re going to go back, and we’re going to sit down with — primarily with the states, the state water engineers — to really sit down with them and get their ideas about how we can do this, and ideally how we can do it together,” said Tidwell.

The directive initially implied the Forest Service owns or manages all groundwater found under or adjacent to National Forest Land. Similar to the Environmental Protection Agency’s attempt to strip states’ rights with the “Waters of the United States” proposal, this directive would give the Forest Service the authority to evaluate all applications to states for water rights on National Forest Service lands as well as adjacent lands. This would place a federal approval requirement into state water rights.

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the Public Lands Council have been fully engaged, actively opposing the directive as drafted and will continue to ensure the protection of water rights on forest lands as the Forest Service does not have the legal authority over groundwater resources.

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American Royal 2015 Chairman of the Board

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American royalRecognizing agriculture as the foundation of the region’s economy, coupled with an invigorating vision for the future, the American Royal Board of Governors’ held its Annual Meeting February 10 at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. 2015 American Royal Chairman John Mitchell Jr. was energizing and vocal in his visions for the upcoming season.

“The American Royal is indeed Kansas City’s most authentic asset. We continue to be as relevant today as at our founding. We produce one of the very best livestock shows in the country. We host the world’s largest BBQ and we provide more than $1.4 million dollars in direct support of our mission of supporting youth and education. What we do is impactful. It is significant. It touches people and makes a difference in their lives. Indeed, by any measure, we are one of the top giving organizations in the city. Today, we are as strong as ever as we continue to live our mission of showcasing American Agriculture and educating kids,” Mitchell said.

The official elections results were as follows:
American Royal Officers of the Board of Directors
– Chairman: John Mitchell Jr., Treat America Food Services
– Chair-elect: Angie Stanland, Cerner
– Corporate Secretary: Allen Dillingham, The Builders’ Association
– Treasurer: Charles Tetrick, Walz Tetrick Advertising
– Vice Chairs of Agricultural Center Campaign: Mariner Kemper, UMB

Mitchell concluded with, “I stand before you now to proclaim that effective immediately, the American Royal is kicking it into high gear. We are doubling down on all that we do. We are reemphasizing, reorganizing, reenergizing and rejuvenating. We will fulfill our old mission in new ways, with bigger events, new events, and thus we will move the American Royal to the center of the conversation. These changes won’t happen overnight, but we intend to make a big down payment in 2015. We’re calling this new, accelerated approach, “Let’s Grow.” I assure you it will be exciting. Are you ready? Let’s Grow!”

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Prepare Today for Tomorrow’s New Addition

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alltechWhen warmer temperatures set in and winter starts to melt away, cattle producers across the country will be keeping one eye on the pasture and one eye on their next biggest investment—their calves.

According to Vaughn Holder, Alltech beef specialist, developing a spring calving program does not have to be complicated, just compatible with the herd. Holder suggests the following management practices for a successful spring calving season:

– Pay attention to the cleanliness of dry lots, holding areas, calving facilities and feeding areas. Minimize the accumulation of drainage water mixing with dry manure, which creates a haven for bacterial growth.
– In intensively managed calving environments, minimize the sterile newborn calf’s exposure to pathogens by disinfecting the navel, assuring cow’s teats are clean and free of manure and maintaining a clean and dry environment for calf and mother.
– Plastic sleeves should be used when assisting with calving. Watch cows after calving for retained placentas and treat all uterine, vaginal and udder infections according to the veterinarian’s recommendations.
– To keep records current, cows need to be individually identified. Producers should also tag and record all calving information at birth.
– Maintain a sound nutrition program. Even during times of economic instability, producers should not skimp on providing proper nutrition to their herds.

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Pyramid® 5 + Presponse® SQ Approved for Extended BVD

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BIVI_288_logo.212131245_stdPyramid® 5 + Presponse® SQ from Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (BIVI) recently received a new label claim for protection against respiratory disease caused by bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) Type 1b for at least 217 days. BVD Type 1b is the most common subtype of BVD found in persistently infected (PI) calves. This new claim reinforces the elite BVD protection offered by BIVI’s modified-live virus (MLV) vaccine portfolio.

“PI calves, while small in number, are one of the most common sources of BVD spread as they shed the virus to susceptible calves,” says Dr. Doug Ensley, Professional Services Veterinarian, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. “This new claim helps producers protect against the BVD subtype most commonly found in these calves, so they know they are getting the best protection for their herd.”

With PYRAMID 5 + PRESPONSE SQ, two leading respiratory vaccines are provided in the convenience of one dose, protecting against disease caused by BVD types 1 and 2, infectious bovine rhinotrachetitis (IBR), parainfluenza 3 (PI3), bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV), and Mannheimia haemolytica.

“BVD prevention remains a key issue for cattle producers in their aim to keep their herds healthy. By vaccinating calves at all stages with PYRAMID 5 + PRESPONSE SQ, producers can be assured their cattle are protected against BVD and other causes of respiratory disease,” says Dr. Ensley.

For producers looking to further prevent the negative impact of PI calves, BIVI offers Express® FP for vaccination of cows. EXPRESS FP is labeled to prevent calves persistently infected with BVD when cows are vaccinated according to label directions.

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Holstein Association Launches Junior Essay Contest

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jr_essay_contest1A group representing producers and owners of one of the most recognized dairy cattle breeds is giving young people the chance to win prizes writing essays about the dairy industry. The 2015 Holstein Association USA Online Junior Essay contest is divided into three age divisions, each with its own topic and page limits.

Any National Junior Holstein member is eligible to compete. Here are the topics for this year’s contest:

Junior (ages 9-13 as of January 1): What is your favorite dairy product and how would you promote your love for this product to the public to help entice them to purchase it in the future?

Intermediate (ages 14-17): If you could have dinner with any Holstein breeder past or present who would you choose and why?

Senior (ages 18-21): How would you explain to someone the difference between a Registered Holstein animal and a black and white cow not identified with Holstein Association USA?

Prizes will be awarded to the top three essays in each age division. One Grand Prize winner will receive a Kindle Fire tablet. Entries must be received by April 1, 2015.

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Accelerated Genetics Leadership Conference

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AccelGen_4C_BlkAccelerated Genetics is excited to host its annual Leadership Conference March 20-22, 2015. This event is designed for farm owners, herdspeople or employees looking to enhance their leadership and communication skills.
This year’s conference titled “Surviving the Jungle: A lesson in Leadership,” is specifically tailored for emerging agricultural leaders who are positioned to lead the farm business and agricultural industry in the future.

Speakers Jolene Brown, Tom Thibodeau, and Stan Erwine will be featured at the conference, along with educational and fun sessions created to help producers manage and lead their family, farm and cooperative in the future.

Any dairy or beef farm owners, herdspeople or employees are eligible for this conference, and the event is designed for persons who have not previously attended. Accelerated Genetics believes in educating producers, so they can help cultivate food production for the growing global demand.

This year’s event will be held at the Three Bears Lodge in Warrens, Wis. To register for the Leadership Conference call 1-800-451-9275 or email

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