Church & Dwight Acquires Agro BioSciences

Jamie Johansen

Church & Dwight Co., Inc., the parent company of Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition, has acquired Agro BioSciences™, Inc. Agro BioSciences is a microbial biotechnology company who provides science-based products for animal and agricultural production. Using proprietary techniques and functional genomics, Agro BioSciences identifies beneficial bacteria within the Microbial Terroir™ to improve animal and agricultural productivity. “We are very excited …

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Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition New Global Website

Jamie Johansen

Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition has launched its new global website highlighting their commitment to excellence and the industries it serves, while providing the latest available dairy, poultry, beef and swine nutrition information to enhance animal productivity and producer profitability. “This resource has been quite some time in the making as we explored how best to bring our deep knowledge …

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Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition Transition Dairy

Jamie Johansen

Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition has new animal health monitoring and management tools to aid in the transition period for dairies. “We’ve developed an impressive series of detailed ‘how-to’ documents, videos, calculators and other resources to help you and your team implement profitable on-farm solutions,” explains Dr. Neil Michael, global technical services manager for Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition. “These …

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Expanding Markets for Arm & Hammer

Jamie Johansen

Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition had exciting news to share with attendees of the recent International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE). As of Jan. 2, their parent company, Church & Dwight, purchased Vi-COR. Arm & Hammer has been a leader in dairy nutrition, but wanted to expand their products to include other species. Vi-COR manufactures yeast-based feed ingredients for a …

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Bridging Gap Between Consumers and Food Production

Chuck Zimmerman

Charleston|Orwig was very busy during this year’s World Dairy Expo. The strategic communications agency was working with almost a dozen companies during the show. I caught up with Brittany Unterweger, pictured left with Cassie Mueller, in the Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition booth. Brittany is an account supervisor. I asked her how things were going for the agency since Cindy …

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Buffers Approved for Organic Feeds

News Editor

Two rumen buffers manufactured by Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition—ARM & HAMMER® Feed Grade Sodium Bicarbonate and SQ-810® Natural Sodium Sesquicarbonate—have been listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production. OMRI is an independent agency that reviews and evaluates products for use under the USDA’s National Organic Program Rule in organic production and processing. ARM …

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2010 World Dairy Expo Recap

Cindy Zimmerman

Finally finished the last post from the 2010 World Dairy Expo today – here are some of the highlights, in case you missed it. Amazing Results in Boosting Milk Fat Levels – interview with Dr. Scott Bascom, a nutritionist with Cooperative Plus in Wisconsin. How Lower Protein Rations Can Increase the Bottom Line – interviews with Dr. Larry Chase with …

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Arm & Hammer Helps Boost Income Over Feed Costs

Cindy Zimmerman

At World Dairy Expo this year, Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition was talking with producers about income over feed costs and how they can improve that number. “Income over feed costs is a very simple measure,” explains Senior Manager, Technology, Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition, Dr. Elliot Block. “It’s how much money you’ve made for your milk, total revenue, minus …

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Arm & Hammer Boosts Milk Fat Levels

Cindy Zimmerman

There have been some concerns lately in the dairy industry about low milk fat levels, something that has left many dairy nutritionists scratching their heads. Dr. Scott Bascom, a nutritionist with Cooperative Plus in Wisconsin, says 2009 was one of the worst years he has seen for milk fat tests, which had a significant financial impact on some of his …

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2010 World Dairy Expo Coverage

Cindy Zimmerman

The 44th annual World Dairy Expo is ready to officially kick off on Tuesday morning here in Madison, Wisconsin. The cows are in their stalls, the exhibitors are set up, and more than 65,000 producers and industry enthusiasts from 90 countries are already here or on their way to the dairy destination of the year. World Dairy Expo sets the …

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