Are Your Kids Getting Enough Calcium?

Andy Vance

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Chances are they’re not. The good news, however, is that you can change that. The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that while parents are a key influencer in children’s consumption of calcium, and a new study indicates that most children and adolescents are at risk forbone fractures and osteoporosis later in life because of low calcium intake.

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What Are You Feeding Your Cows?

Andy Vance

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How well do you know your nutrition program? Are you squeezing every drop of potential production out of your milking string? I just read an article discussing how your profitability will suffer if you either over or under estimate forage requirements for your herd. With that in mind, you might consider making plans to join me in Fort Wayne later this Spring.

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Move Over Gatorade, Chocolate Milk is the Athletic Drink of Choice

Andy Vance

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Belive it or not, the next time you go out for a run or hope on the treadmill, you may want to take along a bottle of ice cold chocolate milk. Sure, you love the flavor of chocolate milk, but leading researchers now say it may be a better athletic drink than what you typically see sports stars chugging on television.

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