Alltech Reception Time

Chuck Zimmerman

Alltech ReceptionThe booths may be closed and most people have left for the day, but there’s still a dedicated group because it’s reception time!

The folks at Alltech somehow managed to acquire a brewery in Kentucky. How convenient when you have to host a reception. Sooo . . . we got to sample some Kentucky Ale and Kentucky Light. These are award winning brews.

Thank you Alltech and Billy Frey in particular for inviting me!

Exhibitor, World Dairy Expo

Heading Home For The Day

Chuck Zimmerman

Leaving Day 2At 5pm it’s time for most people to be heading out. They’re escaping the late evening rain that’s forecast.

This doesn’t mean it’s the end of the day for World Dairy Expo activities by a long shot.

There’s more to come.

World Dairy Expo

Backside At Ringside

Chuck Zimmerman

Backside At RingsideYou know I really hesitated to say that “here we are backside, I mean ringside,” but then again pictures speak louder than words sometimes.

As the day wears on and more and more people are hanging out in the Coliseum at ringside you get more of well, the backside of things.

World Dairy Expo

Chairman of the Milk House

Chuck Zimmerman

Milk HouseWhen you bring this many cows to a place like World Dairy Expo they need to be milked. Here at Expo, thanks to Bou-Matic, there’s the milk house.

I interviewed the “senior” chairman of the milk house, Laurie Volkman. Laurie is a 3rd year student at the University of Madison, WI (she’s on the right). Laurie describes the activities that take place here at the milk house.

You can listen to my interview with Laurie here: Download MP3 File (3MB MP3 File)

World Dairy Expo

Walking The Barns

Chuck Zimmerman

Barn Farm DisplayOut in the barns you’ll find some very creative displays that the various farms set up in their area like this one.

Have you ever walked the barns? Wonder what it sounds like during the day? Wonder no more.

You can listen to my short walk-through. It’s mostly the sound of fans, a radio, some talking, etc. Actually kind of calming if you ask me: Download MP3 File

World Dairy Expo

Featuring Our Sponsor – The Callicrate Bander

Chuck Zimmerman

Callicrate BanderThe Callicrate Smart Bander was the first sponsor of World Dairy Diary and that makes them the first sponsor of a farm show blog! In the picture is Rachel Dodd, Tom King and Mike Callicrate.

You can find them in the lower level of the Coliseum. Please let them know you appreciate their support of World Dairy Diary. We sure do!

You can listen to my interview with Mike by using the link in the right sidebar.

Callicrate Bander, Exhibitor, World Dairy Expo

Take A Tour And Never Leave The Grounds

Chuck Zimmerman

Virtual Tour OperatorOne of the features of World Dairy Expo is the virtual farm tours. These are scheduled periodically throughout the show. Participants go to one of the meeting rooms where they’re scheduled and they can then see and hear the tour. Some are done with video and other’s with computer slides.

I got to visit with Terri and Ron Abing, Majestic View Dairies, who presented one of the tours today, along with their partner, John Haskins. They are from Lancaster, Wisconsin.

You can listen to my interview with the Abings here: Download MP3 File (2MB MP3 File)

World Dairy Expo

Manager of the Media

Chuck Zimmerman

Lisa BehnkeI stopped in the media room earlier to see what’s going on. Not much, although there’s a lot more media folks here today.

The person who puts this whole operation together, including the daily newspaper we have on-site, is Lisa Behnke. You can listen to my interview with her prior to Expo by using the link in the right sidebar.

Lisa looked very relaxed today. Of course she always seems that way.

World Dairy Expo