AHPharma Streamlines AviLighting Designs

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AHPharma, Inc. has streamlined the design of its existing series of high-intensity AviLighting LED Water and Feeder Line Lights to significantly increase energy savings while reducing operational costs and installation times. The products were introduced to enhance the consumption of water and feed by modern-day poultry, especially during the first week of life. The new streamlined strip lighting system uses … Read More

Calf-Tel Unveils New Pen Front

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The innovators at Hampel Corporation have introduced a new pen front for Calf-Tel’s modular pen system, showcasing a design that will offer calf raisers more customizable options than ever. “The new pen front works seamlessly with existing Calf-Tel pens, is more user-friendly and now provides a number of enhanced features that give calf raisers the ability to adapt the modular … Read More

Hybrid Burger Combines Beef and Chicken

Cindy ZimmermanBeef, Chicken, Products

A new burger on the market is a marriage between beef and chicken, combining the best of both worlds. The new product is called – what else? – Cluck N’ Moo. “I experimented to see what happens when we combine chicken and beef, and I developed a process that we just applied for the patent on,” said Cluck Incorporated president … Read More

Got Camel Milk?

Cindy ZimmermanLivestock, Products

A California-based company has debuted America’s first retail camel milk brand. Yep, you read that right – camel milk. Introducing Desert Farms Camel Milk, America’s first retail camel milk brand and perhaps the most unusual and long overdue addition to the fast-growing trend toward Middle Eastern cuisine in this country. Available in select Lassen’s Market and by the end of … Read More

Dairy Industry Innovates Change in Fluid Milk

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Milk does the body good! But that household phrase doesn’t mean consumers are drinking as much as they used to. The demand for milk has decreased, but the dairy industry is hard at work to make that change. Thanks to partnerships with Dairy Checkoff, you might be seeing lactose free or higher protein milk on shelves. Or different flavors and … Read More

Like SLIP Plate Sweepstakes

Cindy ZimmermanGeneral, Products

A 95-year-old graphite company is reaching out to let more industries know about the advantages of their dry film lubricants. SLIP Plate is a Superior Graphite product that was developed in 1975 for the railroad industry as a natural lubricant that would stand up to weather and other environmental conditions. The dry film coating was not affected by temperature extremes, … Read More

MILKBITES Made with Real Milk

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Have you heard about the new product, KRAFT MILKBITE? The snack is made from real milk, combined with granola, and is sold in the refrigerated dairy aisle. Let us know what you think if you’ve tried them! Introducing a snack like nothing else. KRAFT MilkBite combines real milk with whole grain granola and other tasty and nutritious ingredients, providing the … Read More

Silk from Milk

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Milk has gone haute couture, thanks to a fashion designer who is also a microbiologist. German designer Anke Domaske has perfected a fiber from milk and made it into part of her Mademoiselle Chi Chi clothing line. The silk from milk was first publicly introduced this past summer, but this week it really hit the big time, being picked up … Read More

New Dairy Ingredient Processing Plant Opens

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The Institute for Dairy Ingredient Processing, a component of the new Davis Dairy Plant at South Dakota State University (SDSU), will provide a means by which to expand domestic and global market opportunities for dairy-based products. The Institute for Dairy Ingredient Processing will provide the facilities and experts to assist dairy ingredient manufacturers in research, development and testing of new … Read More

Designer Dairy Beverages

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Looking for innovation in the dairy industry? How about “designer” dairy beverages? That’s what dairy farmer, Michael McCloskey, and Steve Jones, former chief marketing officer of Coca-Cola Co. and former president of Minute Maid, are counting on. Jones has teamed up with McCloskey, a dairy farmer near Rennselaer, Ind., with the intent of reinventing the $31-billion U.S. milk industry by … Read More