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World Dairy Diary coverage of World Dairy Expo is sponsored by:
Novus Charleston Orwig

WDXCharleston Orwig must have more dairy industry related clients than any other communications agency in the country, which makes sense since they are located literally in the heartland of the state synonymous with dairy production – Hartland, Wisconsin. That keeps them pretty darn busy during World Dairy Expo every year.

I met with Mike Opperman with Charleston Orwig in the agency’s suite overlooking the expo arena and we talked about what they are doing at the event and their philosophy when it comes to serving dairy industry clients and producers. “We always like to think that it’s a great time to be in agriculture, no matter what the season or the climate,” Mike said. “Certainly being in the dairy industry over the last 6-8 months has been a very difficult time for producers and for some of our clients as well, but we always like to see the silver lining and we see the sun coming up on the dairy industry again.”

Here is a YouTube video of my short interview with Mike and the audio interview follows: