Group Focuses on Dairy Reproductive Performance

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dairy cattle reproductive councilReproduction is a key factor for the profitability of dairy operations but in a wide segment of the dairy industry reproductive performance is far from optimal. That’s why a few years ago, a group of concerned dairy industry professionals formed the Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council (DCRC).

world dairy expo 2010 skidmoreAt World Dairy Expo, I talked to Dr. Andy Skidmore with Schering-Plough Animal Health, who serves as secretary of the DCRC. “It’s a joint effort among all the different parties that are involved and concerned about fertility in dairy cattle and trying to pool those resources to try and improve the fertility on dairy farms,” Andy said. “Our long term goal is to become the source of information and education for producers to find answers to their questions and improve the industry.”

Two years ago the group started the National Dairy Reproduction Award Program to honor dairy producers from across the United States who have successfully implemented management procedures and achieved high reproductive efficiency. “The objectives are to recognize those who are doing an excellent job and to figure out what we can learn from those who are doing an excellent job,” he explained. “If you look at the finalists, they’ve been able to achieve astonishingly high levels of reproductive efficiency on their farms, but each one of them have done it in a different way.”

DCRC will be holding its annual meeting November 11-12 in St. Paul, where this year’s award winners will be recognized. Andy says they are always looking for new members from all segments of the dairy business who are interested in helping to increase productivity for the industry as a whole. Membership information can be found here on the DCRC website.

Listen to my interview with Andy here. Andy Skidmore DCRC Interview

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