Got Camel Milk?

Cindy ZimmermanLivestock, Products

desert-farmsA California-based company has debuted America’s first retail camel milk brand.

Yep, you read that right – camel milk.

Introducing Desert Farms Camel Milk, America’s first retail camel milk brand and perhaps the most unusual and long overdue addition to the fast-growing trend toward Middle Eastern cuisine in this country.

Available in select Lassen’s Market and by the end of June in 40 Whole Food Markets in Northern California, as well as direct via the company’s website, Desert Farms camel milk is 100% wholesome, raw and natural; packed with special proteins, calcium and a full 70% of our suggested daily value of Vitamin B1; a good source of potassium and phosphorus; and only 110 calories per serving.

It is more expensive, since it comes from small Amish/Mennonite family farms where the average herd is about 6 camels and where most work is still done by hand. However, they say that camel milk is “richer, more filling, more easily digested, and more satisfying than cow, goat or soy milk.” They call it “Natures most wholesome dairy beverage. Prized for centuries by nomads and bedouins.”

Desert Farms Camel Milk is comes from only from “U.S.-based camels and bottled entirely in America” and is available in several distinct varieties: Raw Camel Milk; Raw Camel Milk (Frozen); Raw Camel Milk Kefir; Pasteurized Camel Milk; Raw Camel Milk Colostrum (1st); and Raw Camel Milk Colostrum (Regular). Sounds yummy, right?