Rising Calf Prices Warrant Attention to Fetal Protection

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Animal Health, Calves, Cattle

pfizerBeef producers working to maximize the reproductive potential of their herd with modified-live virus (MLV) vaccines from Zoetis also can take advantage of the industry’s most comprehensive vaccine guarantee — the Fetal Protection Guarantee.

“The fetus relies on the dam’s immune system for disease protection throughout most of the pregnancy,” said Jon Seeger, DVM, managing veterinarian with Zoetis. “Without protection, the fetus is at risk of abortion due to infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) virus, as well as, birth defects or potentially becoming persistently infected (PI) with the bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) virus that can then shed and continue to infect the rest of the herd.”

Zoetis is proud to offer the Fetal Protection Guarantee to help give producers peace of mind that their cows and calves are protected from economically impactful reproductive diseases when the vaccines are used properly. With the BOVI-SHIELD GOLD FP®, CATTLEMASTER® GOLD FP and PREGGUARD® GOLD FP vaccine products, the Fetal Protection Guarantee assures producers that no BVD virus PI calves will be born and that cows will be protected from IBR abortions, when products are used according to label directions.

IBR virus and BVD Types 1 and 2 viruses can seriously harm the reproductive performance of a herd, potentially leading to abortions and diminished calf health. But, Dr. Seeger cautioned, not all reproductive vaccines offer equal protection.

“Some vaccines can help protect a cow from viral diseases, but that doesn’t mean they will help protect her calf as well,” he explained. “Selecting a vaccine labeled specifically for fetal protection against IBR abortions and BVD PI calves helps reassure producers they will wean a healthy, valuable calf on sale day.”