Land O’Lakes Offers Protein Blend Calf Milk Replacer

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landolakesLand O’Lakes Animal Milk Products has come out with a calf milk replacer it says will save producers money and help calves grow to be their best. The company has introduced the Cow’s Match® ColdFront® Protein Blend calf milk replacer.

“The new protein blend formula offers a more economical way for producers to feed calves to their full potential, while still keeping the same great benefits that the original Cow’s Match® ColdFront® formula has to offer,” says Dr. Tom Earleywine, director of nutritional services, Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products.

The protein blend formulation utilizes a similar approach as is used in baby formulas and is based on a blend of highly digestible proteins that complement each other. This blend of proteins was designed to save dairy producers’ and calf and heifer raisers’ investment cost without sacrificing calf performance.

“When dietary changes are needed to meet seasonal needs, producers now have another option to turn to as part of a full potential feeding program,” says Dr. Earleywine. “Cow’s Match® ColdFront® Protein Blend calf milk replacer is designed to provide the energy your calves need at an affordable price.”

Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products research showed equal performance between protein blend and original calf milk replacers and cut costs when compared to feeding the milk replacer’s original formulation.