BioZyme Creep Feed Rations Provide Needed Nutrients

Lizzy SchultzAg Group, Animal Health, Calves, Cattle, Feed, Nutrition

BioZyme Now marks the time when cattle producers should begin thinking about creep feed supplementation for nursing calves. The milk from a lactating beef cow only furnishes about 50 percent of the nutrients that a 3-4 month-old calf needs to realize its genetic potential for growth. BioZyme brand VitaFerm offers three products, Sure Champ, Sure Power 37, and Sure Start Pellet, that can be incorporated with feedstuffs found at the local mill to create a complete ration. Amaferm Digest More can also be incorporated into any pre-formulated/bagged creep feed.

“Our wide variety of proven products help keep cattle healthy and efficient,” said BioZyme Nutrition Coordinator Lindsey Grimes. “All VitaFerm products contain our proprietary Amaferm advantage, a natural feed additive that acts as a prebiotic to increase digestibility and maximize the energy value of feed for easy transition and efficient gain.”

Sure Power 37 is a high protein and macro mineral pellet helpful in building today’s modern creep feeds. Super Power 37 contains moderate levels of essential micronutrients to ensure animal performance, and can be used alone for commercial calf creeps or together with Sure Champ to build high-performance show and creep rations. Find more information about Sure Power 37 here.

Sure Champ is proven to help create success in the show ring, and works equally as well in creep feed to help unlock the genetic potential of calves. Sure Champ contains high levels of essential micronutrients. Find more information about Sure Champ here.

Sure Start Pellet is the ideal supplement for stressed calves during weaning, and also works extremely well as a creep balancer, bringing high levels of vitamins and minerals when additional protein is not needed. Sure Start Pellet works in distillers and corn gluten-based creep feeds. Find more information about Sure Start here.

Digest More is a low inclusion way to supplement Amaferm in any diet. Digest More is best suited when additional protein, vitamins and minerals are not required. Find more information about Digest More here.

Producers can view creep feed rations using these products developed by BioZyme’s nutritionist team by clicking here.