DeLaval Releases Video On Innovation

Lizzy SchultzAg Group, Communication, Communications, Company Announcement, Dairy Group, Dairy Month, Video

Delaval_Logo_CMYK_NEW As a part of National Dairy month, DeLaval has released a video, titled “Your Future is Our Why,” that highlights the company’s long term commitments to sustainability and innovation in the dairy industry, and showcases how those two concepts are incredibly interconnected.

“We’re the innovation engine of this industry and we’re not going anywhere,” the video states. “We’re gonna be there for farmers all over the world, illuminating the future like a lighthouse, charting the future like a mapmaker, and helping them make the most of it like a true partner,”

The video provides a window to the world of dairy farming, and connects the nostalgia consumers may associate with their favorite dairy products to the innovative future the industry holds.

We don’t have to make the joy that comes from dairy farming every day, there’s an army of farmers that are responsible for that. We just have to build the bridge that’s going to carry those farmers farther, faster, and higher than was even possible yesterday.”