Top 10 Animal Ag Posts of 2016

Jamie JohansenCompany Announcement, ZimmComm

It’s hard to believe 2016 is a wrap. This year we have brought you some of the most talked about animal agriculture issues impacting the beef, dairy, swine, poultry, sheep and equine communities. It’s always fun to see at the end of a year what topics attract the largest audiences. This year it seems to be anything to do with animal welfare and antibiotics.

Our most viewed posts of 2016:
1. Lawsuit Filed Against Animal Rights Initiative
2. Wendy’s Keeping Consumers Informed
3. First Eaglet Hatches From DC Eagle Cam
4. Airs Animal Lover Commercial
5. Alltech ONE Symposium Promises to Inspire
6. Times Square Billboard Warns of HSUS
7. Judging Teams Score Big at World Dairy Expo
8. New Holland Debuts New T5 Series
9. Alltech Releases Global Aquaculture Production Data
10. Accurate, Credible Info on Animal Antibiotics