Rumen Health Subject of Dairy Solutions Symposium

Chuck Zimmerman

The Dairy Solutions Symposium, sponsored by Alltech, was opened by Prof. Wouter Hendriks, Wageningen University, The Netherlands. There are 250 attendees at this year’s event being held at Utrecht University. The overall topic for the Symposium is rumen health in dairy cows. I spoke with Wouter just before we got started. He says that the good rumen health will result …

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Preview of Dairy Solutions Symposium

Chuck Zimmerman

The presenters for the Dairy Solutions Symposium 2010, sponsored by Alltech, got together for dinner this evening. I’ll be interviewing most of them over the next couple days. To get a preview of what this conference is all about I spoke first with Sylvie Andrieu, European Ruminant Technical Manager, Alltech. She says that the initial idea for this conference came …

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Dairy On Display In Utrecht

Chuck Zimmerman

Hello from Utrecht, Netherlands where I’ll be attending the 2010 Dairy Solutions Symposium, sponsored by Alltech. Just got in this morning and after a short nap went for a walk. Right away I came to an outdoor market and was very pleased to see dairy products on display. For lunch I had a really good brie and vegetables sandwich. I …

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Reducing The Cost Of Producing Milk

Chuck Zimmerman

Alltech just held its annual International Animal Health and Nutrition Symposium and I was able to attend once again. Discussion dinners are an important part of the program and I attended the dairy discussion. There I met Kevin Tuck, Global Ruminant Product Manager, who has been with the company for about 20 years. He says that the dairy business outlook …

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Global Dairy 500 Conference Conclusion and Wrapup

Chuck Zimmerman

Wrapping up the Global Dairy 500 Conference was Dr. Pearse Lyons, Alltech President. Dr. Lyons summarized many of the presentations with a series of take home messages. The focus was on the future of dairy farming, the integration of a brand, methane production, cow comfort, tourist attractions, education, milk marketing with nutrition also being a key topic. Additionally, a strong …

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New Technologies Hold Promise For Dairy Farms

Chuck Zimmerman

The final panel discussion at the Global Dairy 500 Conference focused on future technologies in the dairy industry. Presenting were Matthew Smith, Alltech and Dr. Karl Dawson, Alltech. I spoke with Dr. Dawson immediately following his remarks. He says some of the technologies in methane recovery offer a new cost saving line for the farmer by producing bioenergy. Feed management …

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Global Dairy 500 Conference Visits Kentucky Horse Park

Chuck Zimmerman

The participants in the Global Dairy 500 Conference were treated to a show at the Kentucky Horse Park that included many different horse breeds and traditional costumes. I spoke with rider of the Arabian horse named D’artagnan. He’s 11 years old and on loan to the Park by his owner. The Kentucky Horse Park opened in 1978 and is the …

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