New foot and mouth cases confirmed in UK

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The third case of foot and mouth disease has been confirmed in the UK. Sheep on a farm in southern England tested positive for foot and mouth disease after being slaughtered on suspicion that they were infected, the British agricultural ministry said. Cattle on the same farm were also slaughtered after they displayed signs of the disease, including lesions, with …

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Silage Innoculants

Chuck Zimmerman

Silage innoculants are discussed in this segment of the Pioneer Forage Forum, with information provided by Bill Rutherford, research coordinator, Pioneer Forage Additive Research Group. In addition to the much talked about L. buchneri, Rutherford provides information on organisms which also have an important role as components of silage inoculants. He explains why it is important to have multiple strains …

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RFID Can Reduce Labor Costs

Chuck Zimmerman

Steven Smith with DHI-Provo demonstrated how the Pocket DHI-Plus works with RFID through a video that showed a dairy producer walking alongside his animals and scanning them. As he did that, you could hear what he was hearing in his ear piece, whether to skip the animal, whether it needed to be preg-checked, or was due for injections, or whatever …

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Triple Calcium Bolus Available

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AgriLabs introduces a new tool for dairy producers, the Triple Calcium Bolus, a fast acting bolus that contains three calcium compounds. Featuring an industry-high 44 grams of available calcium from calcium propionate, calcium chloride and calcium carbonate, it provides both rapid and sustained release of this important mineral. Unlike other calcium boluses, which can take hours to begin delivering calcium …

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Outbreak in Britian

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This is terrible news to have to report – an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Britian. Authorities in that country are working tiredlessly to contain the outbreak. British authorities rushed to halt an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease Saturday by slaughtering and then incinerating 60 cattle on an infected farm near London. Hours later, Britain’s environmental agency announced that the strain …

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"Downer" Cattle Ban

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced a permanent ban on the slaughter of “downer” cattle (those that are unable to stand or walk). The inability to stand or walk can be a clinical sign of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE). Under the rule, cattle that are injured after they pass pre-slaughter inspection will be reevaluated …

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Bio-Vet Introduces Generator-D

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Bio-Vet, Inc. has an exciting new product for dairy producers – the Generator™-D, a direct fed microbial product that contains high levels of beneficial microbials at a low inclusion rate. In research, Generator microbial products have been shown to improve appetite, maintain dry matter intake, improve digestion and feed utilization, improve production (milk and meat) and help cattle tolerate heat …

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Fermentation Can Bring Value Worth Waiting For

Chuck Zimmerman

Up to 60 days of fermentation before feeding can improve starch digestibility, particularly with high-moisture corn, reports Dr. Bill Mahanna, Pioneer Global Nutritional Sciences Manager. It’s important, though, to control fermentation, keeping feedstuffs fresh and reducing shrink losses. When feeding both high-moisture corn and corn silage, ensiling can help head off issues like spring acidosis. The overall goal is a …

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AgriLabs Introduces Products That Increase Dry Matter Intake

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AgriLabs has introduced two new products designed to increase dry matter intake. AgriLabs has introduced Vita Charge® and Vita Charge Appetite Plus, a family of all-natural products proven to quickly increase dry matter intake and improve performance during times of stress. Vita Charge-brand products combine Amaferm® a proprietary Aspergillus oryzae (a type of fungi) fermentation product with vitamins and minerals, …

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DRAXXIN Now in 50-mL Bottles

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Pfizer Animal Health is now offering 50-mL bottles of the respiratory treatment, DRAXXIN® (tulathromycin). The new 50-mL bottle treats nearly 4,500 pounds (approximately nine 500-pound cattle or 45 100-pound pigs), making DRAXXIN more convenient for veterinary practitioners and producers who have fewer animals to treat or those who want the flexibility, ease and convenience of a smaller bottle. Veterinarians who …

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