Calf-Tel Unveils New Pen Front

Lizzy SchultzAg Group, Calves, Cattle, Equipment, Products

Calf-Tel-penfront The innovators at Hampel Corporation have introduced a new pen front for Calf-Tel’s modular pen system, showcasing a design that will offer calf raisers more customizable options than ever.

“The new pen front works seamlessly with existing Calf-Tel pens, is more user-friendly and now provides a number of enhanced features that give calf raisers the ability to adapt the modular calf pen system to fit their individual operation,” says Ashley Smith, marketing coordinator, Hampel Corporation.

The new pen front builds off of the highly embraced technology first introduced with Calf-Tel’s first modular pen system in 2006, offering useful enhancements to several of features, including a six-way door hinge that provides allows the pen front door to open inwards or outwards, as well as hinging left or right with a swing-through, no-stop option. Other features include steel reinforced door frames for added durability, a larger door handle that is easier to grip, and a snap-in, heavy-duty pail holder that stays securely in place.

“These enhanced features on the new Calf-Tel Pen Front are a prime example of how we incorporate customer feedback to improve our products,” says Smith.

More information on the modular pen system or the Calf-Tel line of products can be found online.