Washington Huskies Got Chocolate Milk

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The Washington Huskies, the University of Washington’s football team, have incorporated chocolate milk into their daily practices. The team’s staff is requiring Huskie players to drink a carton of fat-free chocolate milk to replish the nutritients in their bodies after the grueling practices. Here’s hoping they have a winning season – thanks to chocolate milk! The Huskies are experimenting with … Read More

Cholesterol-Reducing Milk

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Here’s another new product: milk with cholesterol-reducing ability. Kroger Markets is marketing the line under its Active Lifestyle brand. It adds to the company’s expanding lines for consumers of health-conscious and natural/organic foods and the in-house brands the company sees as an important part of its profit growth strategy. “There’s a major trend toward health and wellness in the country,” … Read More

Mayfield Announces Priobiotic Milk

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Mayfield Dairy Farms has announced the launch of Nurture by Mayfield, a 1% Lowfat milk and a 2% Reduced Fat milk containing probiotic cultures clinically proven to boost the body’s immune system. Be sure to check out the blog that Mayfield hosts too! Mayfield pioneered the addition of probiotics to milk more than 20 years ago with NuTrish, the first … Read More

Probiotic Cheddar Cheese

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Those north of the U.S. border now have access to the first probiotic cheese in Canada, made by Kraft foods. The cheddar cheese, called Kraft LiveActive, contains probiotics like those most often found in yogurt. Probiotics are beneficial cultures promoted as being beneficial to digestive health and enhancing the immune system.

Calcium for Bone Health

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This story only has positive points to make about dairy consumption, encouraging everyone, children included, to get three servings of dairy a day! In the life of a human bone, it’s all downhill after 30. That’s the typical cut-off point for bone-building, so experts say it’s crucial that younger people take in enough calcium and another nutrient, vitamin D, to … Read More

SpongeBob Loves Cheese!

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Ok readers, this story just plain makes me mad. Banning cheese ads from children’s programming? Shouldn’t we be more worried about fries, chips and candy? What do you think of this activist group’s tactics? The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), which encourages a vegetarian diet, is taking aim this time at cheese — and SpongeBob SquarePants. The group has … Read More

New Campaign Reaches Audience

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The Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP) has created new advertising targeting Hispanic mothers. The campaign will encourage the Hispanic audience to make good beverage choices, like low-fat milk, for their families. The campaign was created to communicate to Hispanics the importance of drinking 3 glasses of low-fat milk a day. The commercials emphasize that low- fat milk is equal in … Read More

All About Vanilla

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Students in the Perkins school district in Ohio will now add vanilla to their milk choices. If you haven’t tried this particular flavor, give it a shot – it will perk up your February! Since the start of the school year, Perkins students already have consumed just more than 143,000 half-pint cartons of moo juice. School officials are using the … Read More

Starbuck Switch

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Starbucks is in the news again, this time the company has announced a switch from whole milk to 2-percent in four test markets. The coffee company sites health trends as the reason for the switch. “We have been monitoring customers’ trends,” said Michelle Gass, senior vice president of global products for Starbucks. “Two percent milk is the No. 1 milk … Read More

Pyramid in Stores

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The new food pyramid is heading for your grocery stores. A campaign to encourage shoppers to buy foods based on the pyramid recommendations was announced last week. The campaign will include point-of-sale information, such as shelf cards at the dairy case that remind consumers milk is a recommend part of a healthy diet. The triangle-shaped guide for healthy eating will … Read More