New Budget For WMMB

Chuck ZimmermanDairy Checkoff, Dairy Group

Since I’m on Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board news, besides the board election they approved a new budget at its April board meeting. The budget will be invested in local, state and national promotion/marketing programs from July 1, 2006, through June 30, 2007. Cheese Business   $15,609,000 Communications/Local Promotions   $ 9,900,000 Administration   $ 1,139,000 Capital Appropriations   $ 9,900,000 … Read More

Guard Your Cows… The Aliens Are Coming!

Andy VanceDairy Business, Dairy Checkoff, Media, Milk, Promotion

Alien Warning Sign

I have officially found the coolest website of all time. The California Milk Processor Board, the Got Milk people, has launched – The official site tracking the alien abduction of dairy cows around the globe. Site features are numerous, including video of victims’ herdowners, pictures of the missing and exploited cows, tips and tricks to ward off the alien abducters, and frequently asked questions about the aliens and the missing cows. There is also a feature where you can warn your friends and neighbors of the dangers of cow abduction. The site is fun, fun, and really really fun. Check it out, and let me know your favorite part.